Gas collection droids in action

The Tibanna Gas Collection Droid was a labor droid used by the Zann Consortium to steal tibanna from an Imperial gas platform on Bespin during the Galactic Civil War.


These droids were very basic models not unlike binary load lifters; they were only capable of limited communication and could do little more than collect gas from one storage tank and place it in another. They were powered by repulsorlifts that allowed them to move swiftly, floating about a meter from the floor.


Tyber Zann, Urai Fen, and IG-88 landed on Bespin with five such droids in order to steal the gas. Fen and IG-88, along with elements of the Consortium's military forces, escorted the droids to the gas collection facilities, each surrounded by four refineries where the droids collected the gas. Once all the gas they needed was secure, the Consortium fled the planet with a large collection of Tibanna gas but not before Imperial reinforcements, led by Darth Vader himself, arrived in a failed attempt to stop them.