"Yesterday I would have said that Jedi are used to pain and suffering and thus can bear it better than we do," Tic Verdun [said]. "Today I find I would be wrong. You seem to feel it more."
"Not more," Anakin said. "It's just that we put ourselves in the way of danger. It is our path. We see one another's strength. We see one another at our best. So we know exactly how much we lose when one of us goes down. And we feel ... if only we could have been the one to fall.
―14-year-old Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker responds to Scientist "Tic Verdun" (Granta Omega in disguise).[src]

Tic Verdun was a Human male scientist, allegedly a practical theorist of planetary origins with a cheerful personality, warm smile, encouraging nature and courageous heart, who lived in the years before the outbreak of the Clone Wars. (In truth, Dr. Tic Verdun was the alias-identity that Force Blank Granta Omega used to lure Anakin Skywalker to places where he might be observed and studied as a Force-wielder; while Skywalker was ultimately captured and further studied by Omega, he was saved by his Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who rescued him.)

In 26 BBY, "Tic Verdun" traveled with fellow scientists Fort Turan, Joveh D'a Alin, Reug Yucon, and Talie Heathe on an expedition to the planet Haariden to carry out investigations on geological and volcanic activities there, to accomplish global mapping for the mineral titanite, and to determine the effects of the world's environment on its ecosystem.

In the midst of their research, however, the scientists found themselves caught up in a raging civil war and soon became stranded when their ship malfunctioned. Pinned down in the countryside, they were able to send a distress call to the Galactic Senate (the sponsor of their mapping mission) while attempting to negotiate a truce between the opposing forces on the planet. Fearing that the scientists would be held as hostages or bargaining chips in the ongoing conflict, the Senate appealed to the Jedi for help.

"Verdun," because of his natural leadership qualities which swiftly became apparent, served as the scientific group's scout; as he scouted ahead, he kept the group moving away from the opposing militant forces they encountered, saving the scientists' lives on many occasions.

The scientists were eventually found by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Soara Antana, and Darra Thel-Tanis, who were dispatched on a rescue mission to the crisis-bound planet by the Jedi High Council. From a deserted village holdout (in war-besieged Tenuuri), the Jedi—leading them safely through perilous, war-pocked terrain—protected the scientists, until all were able eventually to flee the planet.

Behind the scenesEdit

Verdun was the site of the longest single battle in real-world history.