Tien Tubb was an elderly Sullustan male. Although nearly blind, he retained excellent hearing. He was a mechanic and scientist on Nar Shaddaa 3951 BBY, assisted by IT-31 and TT-32. Though disregarded by many, he was quite skilled, having created a renewable droid shield that could be raised and lowered a near-infinite number of times. Meetra Surik sought his aid in creating a new ID for the Ebon Hawk.

Behind the scenesEdit

Like many other EU Sullustans, his name is likely based to rhyme that of Nien Nunb.

The name is also misspelled as "Tienn Tubb."

In the cut content of the game, Tien was Bao-Dur's old friend from the Mandalorian Wars when they worked together in the hangar bays and were part of the 12th Engineering Division under the command of the Jedi Exile.

A shield similar to (and gameplay wise identical to) the renewable droid shield Tubb creates was previously created independently by Suvam Tan.


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