Tiger Squadron was a squadron of 4 Y-wings employed by Airam Clan leader and Imperial collaborator Ilay.


During the Galactic Civil War Ilay began collaborating with Task Force Vengeance Fleet Admiral Wooyou Senn. She was in the Dreadnaught Kala'din to make new negotiations following the Ambush in the Cron Drift. Tiger Squadron and T-wing Squadrons Cobalt Squadron and Crimson Squadron were assigned to provide her ship escort. Rival Clan Leader Tamaron managed to locate her meeting and sent X-wings from Rogue and B-wings from Green Squadron to capture her.

Despite her escorts and TIE Fighters, TIE Interceptors and lastly Assault Gunboats from the Star Destoryer Rage, the Rebels managed to hold off the enemy fighters and disabled the Dreadnaught and provided support for corvette Storm to board and capture Ilay.