"Who ever said I was a bounty hunter?!, huh-huh! I'm a harmonica player, Mr. Rebo!! Jawas can't stand the sound of a harmonica! Me on the other hand.. I like it pretty good! Yup!! I've been following you for days now, trying to get up the nerve to ask you for an audition! I'm your biggest fan!! I have everything you've ever recorded! Yup!! in fact I saw you live once on Orto years ago and well, that was the first and most fantastic performance I've ever seen in my whole life... (fades)"
―Tik Tali Talosh to Max Rebo after he takes off his helmet and introduces himself and asks for an audition[src]

Tik Tali Talosh was the President of the Max Rebo Band Fan Club.


Talosh was a Human from the planet of Derf who dreamed of auditioning for his favorite musician, Max Rebo. His dream came true when he was invited to play with Rebo's band at Jabba's Palace, shortly before the Battle of Endor.

After the band broke up, he wrote a biography of it, entitled Blue Man's Group. Furious because he had not asked permission to publish the book first, the band cut ties with him. Though disappointed, Tik forever treasured his brief status as a member of the Max Rebo Band.

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Talosh's non-Human appearance in Stop That Jawa!

Talosh first appeared in Stop That Jawa!, and he was depicted as a three-legged humanoid with black hair, turquoise sclerae with red pupils and olive-colored skin. [1] In Who's Who in the Max Rebo Band, he was also depicted as a blond-haired blue-eyed Human.



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