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This Star Wars Legends article contains information that is affected by the Star Wars: The Clone Wars project.

The new Legends Clone Wars timeline was never established by Lucasfilm. The exact chronology of the events described in this article is currently unknown.

This a timeline for short stories considered canon in the Legends continuity that have been published in the Star Wars Adventure Journal, the Star Wars Insider and other magazines as well as the internet. This list does not include documents, adventure/scenarios, or RPG articles. This timeline is organized by chronology, and separated by era, as defined by Lucas Licensing. It contains 329 released and 10 canceled stories to date.

Novella Adventure Journal Anthology Insider Gamer Galaxy Hyperspace RPG Other

30px-Era-pre2 Before the RepublicEdit

Year Title Author(s)
25,793 BBYEruptionJohn Ostrander
The Adventures of Lanoree Brock, Je'daii RangerTim Lebbon

Era-old Old Republic eraEdit

Year Title Author(s)
5000 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith: PrecipiceJohn Jackson Miller
Lost Tribe of the Sith: SkybornJohn Jackson Miller
4985 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith: ParagonJohn Jackson Miller
4975 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith: SaviorJohn Jackson Miller
4000 BBYA Tale from the Dark SideGeorge R. Strayton
3996 BBYThe Most Dangerous FoeAngela Philips
39643963 BBYThe Secret Journal of Doctor DemagolJohn Jackson Miller
3963 BBYLabor PainsJohn Jackson Miller
InterferenceJohn Jackson Miller
3960 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith: PurgatoryJohn Jackson Miller
Lost Tribe of the Sith: SentinelJohn Jackson Miller
c. 3660 BBYThe Old Republic: Smuggler's VanguardRobert Chestney
3653 BBYThe Old Republic: The Third LessonPaul S. Kemp
3643 BBYThe Price of Power
3641 BBYThe Last Battle of Colonel Jace MalcomAlexander Freed
c. 3638 BBYSurface Details
Wanted: Dead and Dismantled
Bedtime on Concordia
One Night in the Dealer's Den
c. 3637 BBYRegrets
3000 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith: PantheonJohn Jackson Miller
Lost Tribe of the Sith: SecretsJohn Jackson Miller
2975 BBYLost Tribe of the Sith: PandemoniumJohn Jackson Miller
1032 BBYKnight Errant: InfluxJohn Jackson Miller
1002 BBYDarkness SharedBill Slavicsek
1000 BBYBane of the SithKevin J. Anderson

Era-imp Rise of the Empire eraEdit

Year Title Author(s)
67 BBYThe Tenebrous WayMatthew Stover
39 BBYRestraintJames Luceno
36 BBYThe MonsterDaniel Wallace
The Syrox RedemptionJoe Schreiber
33 BBYDarth Maul: SaboteurJames Luceno
The Starfighter TrapSteve Miller
32 BBYEnd GameJames Luceno
30 BBYDeep SpoilersRyder Windham
24 BBYReputationAri Marmell
22 BBYPrecipiceChris Cassidy
Death in the CatacombsMike W. Barr
Elusion IllusionMichael A. Stackpole
Storm Fleet WarningsJude Watson
Out FoxedRob Valois
The Clone Wars: The Pengalan TradeoffAaron Allston
League of SpiesAaron Allston
Omega Squad: TargetsKaren Traviss
DuelTimothy Zahn
EquipmentMatthew Stover
c. 22 BBYThe HiveSteven Barnes
Changing SeasonsTimothy Zahn
SkyeWalkers: A Clone Wars StoryAbel G. Peña
21 BBYHero of CartaoTimothy Zahn
OddsKaren Traviss
c. 21 BBYSpeaking SilentlyJason Fry
Hondo Ohnaka's Not-So-Big Score
20 BBYMedStar: IntermezzoMichael Reaves
Steve Perry
19 BBYHammerEdward M. Erdelac
Lone Wolf: A Tale of Obi-Wan and Luke Abel G. Peña
IncognitoJohn Jackson Miller
Mist EncounterTimothy Zahn
The Last One StandingJude Watson
Ghosts of the SithJude Watson
18 BBYIn His ImageKaren Traviss
A Two-Edged SwordKaren Traviss
17 BBYThe Guns of Kelrodo-AiJason Fry
13 BBY - 19 ABYThe Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba FettDaniel Keys Moran
10 BBYDark VendettaEric S. Trautmann
8 BBYThe HearingMichael Allen Horne
7 BBYThe Lesser EvilPeter M. Schweighofer
The King's RequiemPeter M. Schweighofer
6 BBYTurning PointCharlene Newcomb
5 BBYThe Final ExitPatricia A. Jackson
4 BBY0 BBYA Hunter's Fate: Greedo's TaleTom Veitch
Martha Veitch
3 BBYPax Empirica—The Wookiee AnnihilationSteve L. Kent
The Lost City of TatooineDavid West Reynolds
PassagesCharlene Newcomb
Out of the CradlePatricia A. Jackson
2 BBYStrangers with SweetsKathy Tyers
Last Strike at G'rhoBill Smith
When the Domino FallsPatricia A. Jackson
Rebel BassKathy Tyers
Constant SpiritJennifer Heddle
1 BBYTinian on TrialKathy Tyers
The Farlander PapersRusel DeMaria
Wanderer of WorldsJohn Dunivant

Era-reb Rebellion eraEdit

Year Title Author(s)
0 BBYInterlude at DarkknellTimothy Zahn
Michael A. Stackpole
And Leebo Makes ThreeMichael Reaves
Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
RingersLaurie Burns
Maze RunDavid J. Williams
Mark S. Williams
When the Desert Wind Turns: The Stormtrooper's TaleDoug Beason
We Don't Do Weddings: The Band's TaleKathy Tyers
Hammertong: The Tale of the "Tonnika Sisters"Timothy Zahn
Play It Again, Figrin D'an: The Tale of Muftak and KabeA. C. Crispin
The Sand Tender: The Hammerhead's TaleDave Wolverton
Drawing the Maps of Peace: The Moisture Farmer's TaleM. Shayne Bell
Be Still My Heart: The Bartender's TaleDavid Bischoff
Nightlily: The Lovers' TaleBarbara Hambly
Empire Blues: The Devaronian's TaleDaniel Keys Moran
Soup's On: The Pipe Smoker's TaleJennifer Roberson
Swap Meet: The Jawa's TaleKevin J. Anderson
Trade Wins: The Ranat's TaleRebecca Moesta
At the Crossroads: The Spacer's TaleJerry Oltion
Spare PartsPablo Hidalgo
Cantina CommunicationsJohn Chesterman
Breaking Free: The Adventures of Dannen LifeholdDave Marron
Changing the Odds: The Adventures of Dannen LifeholdDave Marron
A Certain Point of ViewCharlene Newcomb
One That Got AwayGrant S. Boucher
Tatooine DebriefingMichael Stern
Artoo's TaleGrant S. Boucher
Dodonna's StoryGrant S. Boucher
The Letter HomeGrant S. Boucher
0 ABYDroid TroubleChuck Sperati
The Occupation of RhamalaiM. H. Watkins
To Fight Another DayKathy Tyers
Small FavorsPaul Danner
Sandbound on TatooinePeter M. Schweighofer
HeistTimothy Zahn
The Most Dangerous FoeAngela Philips
Doctor Death: The Tale of Dr. Evazan and Ponda BabaKenneth C. Flint
The Great Herdship HeistDaniel Wallace
Fair PreyDaniel Wallace
Only Droids Serve the MakerKathy Tyers
A Bitter WinterPatricia A. Jackson
Priority: XGeorge R. Strayton
Uhl Eharl KhoehngPatricia A. Jackson
Death in the Slave Pits of LorrdAdrick Tolliver
Imperial SpinGreg Gorden
Winner Lose AllTimothy Zahn
Across the Burning Sands of TatooineGrant S. Boucher
Camie's StoryGrant S. Boucher
1 ABYPearls in the SandVoronica Whitney-Robinson
Lando Calrissian: Idiot's ArrayRich Handley
c. 1 ABYFinder's FeePeter M. Schweighofer
The Breath of GelgelarJean Rabe
2 ABYRude Awakening
The Battle of Turak IVEnrique Guerrero
Crimson BountyCharlene Newcomb
Rich Handley
Combat MoonJohn Whitman
Idol IntentionsPatricia A. Jackson
The Last HandPaul Danner
Side TripTimothy Zahn
Michael A. Stackpole
Command DecisionTimothy Zahn
Laughter after DarkPatricia A. Jackson
The DrawAngela Philips
Swoop GangsJohn Beyer
Wayne Humfleet
LumrunnersJohn Beyer
Wayne Humfleet
Alien Encounters: The ShardStephen Kenson
c. 2 ABYDo No HarmErin Endom
The Capture of Imperial HazardNora Mayers
3 ABYSilver and ScarletJames S. A. Corey
Double Cross on Ord MantellMichael Mikaelian
Mutiny on the Rand EclipticMichael Stern
One Step AheadMichael Stern
Running the GauntletMichael Stern
Hunting the HuntersBill Smith
The Prize Pelt: The Tale of BosskKathy Tyers
Of Possible Futures: The Tale of Zuckuss and 4-LOMM. Shayne Bell
Up the Intelligence LadderPeter M. Schweighofer
Clone B-2332-54Eric S. Trautmann
Temporary ReassignmentPeter M. Schweighofer
An Old Flame in Need...Peter M. Schweighofer
The Emperor's TrophyPeter M. Schweighofer
Permission GrantedPeter M. Schweighofer
Vader AdriftRyder Windham
In the Emperor's ServicePeter M. Schweighofer
Droids Can't FlyPeter M. Schweighofer
Slaying DragonsAngela Philips
The Stele ChroniclesRusel DeMaria
The Longest FallPatricia A. Jackson
The Regalia of OfficePeter M. Schweighofer
Just Another Day's WorkPeter M. Schweighofer
A Very Special MealPeter M. Schweighofer
Glory SupportPeter M. Schweighofer
The Backup PlanPeter M. Schweighofer
Out of the PicturePeter M. Schweighofer
Hand-OffPeter M. Schweighofer
Hasty ExitPeter M. Schweighofer
"Let's Go!"Peter M. Schweighofer
Dead End DropPeter M. Schweighofer
FirepowerCarolyn Golledge
Desperate MeasuresCarolyn Golledge
Special Ops: Ship JackersJohn Beyer
Kathy Burdette
Special Ops: Drop PointsJohn Beyer
Kathy Burdette
The Employment TestMichael Stern
3 - 4 ABYPayback: The Tale of DengarDave Wolverton
Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88Kevin J. Anderson
4 ABYChief Chirpa Kidnapped!
The Ice Princess!
Return of the Great One!
A Boy and His Monster: The Rancor Keeper's TaleKevin J. Anderson
That's Entertainment: The Tale of Salacious CrumbEsther M. Friesner
A Time to Mourn, a Time to Dance: Oola's TaleKathy Tyers
Sleight of Hand: The Tale of Mara JadeTimothy Zahn
Old Friends: Ephant Mon's TaleKenneth C. Flint
And the Band Played On: The Band's TaleJohn Gregory Betancourt
Of the Day's Annoyances: Bib Fortuna's TaleM. Shayne Bell
A Bad Feeling: The Tale of EV-9D9Judith Reeves-Stevens
Garfield Reeves-Stevens
Taster's Choice: The Tale of Jabba's ChefBarbara Hambly
Let Us Prey: The Whiphid's TaleMarina Fitch
Mark Budz
And Then There Were Some: The Gamorrean Guard's TaleWilliam F. Wu
Goatgrass: The Tale of Ree-YeesDeborah Wheeler
The Great God Quay: The Tale of Barada and the WeequaysGeorge Alec Effinger
A Free Quarren in the Palace: Tessek's TaleDave Wolverton
Tongue-tied: Bubo's TaleDaryl F. Mallett
Out of the Closet: The Assassin's TaleJennifer Roberson
Shaara and the Sarlacc: The Skiff Guard's TaleDan'l Danehy-Oakes
Skin Deep: The Fat Dancer's TaleA. C. Crispin
A Barve Like That: The Tale of Boba FettJ. D. Montgomery
One Last Night in the Mos Eisley Cantina: The Tale of the Wolfman and the LamproidJudith Reeves-Stevens
Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Briefing of Red GroupMichael Stern
Gambler's RunMichael Stern
The Deposition of General SoloKathy Tyers
Eric S. Trautmann
A Credit for Your ThoughtsChris Cassidy
Tish Pahl
Escape from Balis-BaurghPaul Balsamo
Day of the Sepulchral NightJean Rabe
Gathering ShadowsKathy Burdette
HandoffTimothy Zahn
Lumiya: Dark Star of the EmpireMichael Mikaelian
Patrick McLaughlin
One of a KindPaul Danner
Easy CreditsPaul Danner

Era-new New Republic eraEdit

Year Title Author(s)
5 ABYBuyer's MarketTimothy Zahn
6 ABYDeader than a Triton MoonJason Fry
Missed ChanceMichael A. Stackpole
A Glimmer of HopeCharlene Newcomb
Whispers in the DarkCharlene Newcomb
The Battle of CadinthBill Smith
c. 6 ABYFists of IonEdward M. Erdelac
7 ABYConflict of InterestLaurie Burns
Chessa's DoomPeter M. Schweighofer
Big QuincePeter M. Schweighofer
Explosive DevelopmentsPeter M. Schweighofer
Starter's TalePeter M. Schweighofer
Vengeance StrikePeter M. Schweighofer
c. 7 ABYKella Rand, Reporting...Laurie Burns
8 ABYThe Trouble with SquibsTroy Denning
The Saga BeginsTimothy Zahn
Spot InspectionBill Smith
Survival ClassBill Smith
Turazza EggsPeter M. Schweighofer
The Saga Nears Its EndGeorge R. Strayton
First ContactTimothy Zahn
Crisis of FaithTimothy Zahn
CrossroadsChristopher Cerasi
Hutt and SeekChris Cassidy
Tish Pahl
Corphelion InterludeTroy Denning
A Forest ApartTroy Denning
Mission to ZilaCharlene Newcomb
A Grand Admiral ReturnsBill Slavicsek
Shadows of DarknessCharlene Newcomb
9 ABYRendezvous with DestinyCharlene Newcomb
Mirror ImageEric S. Trautmann
A Day at the RacesBill Slavicsek
The Empire's Locate and Detain List
Blaze of GloryTony Russo
Betrayal by KnightPatricia A. Jackson
Charlene Newcomb
10 ABYRetreat from CoruscantLaurie Burns
A Change of CommandPaul Sudlow
A Rebel's Job is Never Done ...Michael Allen Horne
Down And Out On CoruscantMichael Allen Horne
Eyewitness to ApocalypseMichael Allen Horne
c. 10 ABYNo Disintegrations, PleasePaul Danner
11 ABYFirestormKevin J. Anderson
12 ABYSimple TricksChris Cassidy
Tish Pahl
Shades of GrayCharlene Newcomb
13 ABYMurder in SlushtimeBarbara Hambly
17 ABYTwo for OnePaul Danner
Jade SolitaireTimothy Zahn
19 ABYHunting the GorachJeff Grubb
Red Sky, Blue FlameElaine Cunningham
21 ABYJudge's CallTimothy Zahn
23 ABYFool's BargainTimothy Zahn
24 ABYThe CrystalElaine Cunningham

Era-njo New Jedi Order eraEdit

Year Title Author(s)
24.5 ABYBoba Fett: A Practical ManKaren Traviss
26 ABYThe New Jedi Order: RecoveryTroy Denning
Emissary of the VoidGregory Keyes
27 ABYThe ApprenticeElaine Cunningham
28 ABYThe New Jedi Order: YlesiaWalter Jon Williams
Or Die TryingSean Williams
Shane Dix

Era-leg Legacy eraEdit

Year Title Author(s)
37.5 ABYImprintChristie Golden
41 ABYA Fair TradePaul S. Kemp
c. 41.5 ABYFirst BloodChristie Golden
44 ABYGetawayChristie Golden
Roll of the DiceKaren Miller
45 ABYGood HuntingChristie Golden


Title Author(s)
An ApologyTimothy Zahn


Light and ShadowPaul Danner
A Servant of the EmpireJames L. Cambias
Corellian TranslinesChris Hind
Credit DeniedGeorge R. Strayton
Jodo Kast & Dengar: Preying for TimeAndy Mangels
Just BusinessPaul Danner
Love Is a Warm BlasterPaul Danner
The Reenlistment of Baron FelTimothy Zahn
Michael A. Stackpole
Shifting GearsJean Rabe
Special Ops: The Art of InfiltrationJohn Beyer
Kathy Burdette
Treasure Hunt

Unknown placementEdit

Era Title Author(s)
Old Republic eraThe Final Trial
Rise of the Empire eraAdmiral Jerjerrod's TestimonyGreg Gorden
The Business MergerPeter M. Schweighofer
Dark HandsAugust & Cynthia Hahn
Dark HopeAugust & Cynthia Hahn
Dark SoulAugust & Cynthia Hahn
DisapprovalAugust & Cynthia Hahn
Picutorion Viewed From the TopGreg Gorden
Song for a Fallen NomadBill Slavicsek
Curtis Smith
The Assault on ProtazkRick D. Stuart
The PitMichael Stern
Rebellion eraA Favor Done...Bill Smith
All the ExtrasPeter M. Schweighofer
An Extinct GuestTrevor J. Wilson
Craig Robert Carey
Balancing the BooksBill Slavicsek
Curtis Smith
Bounty's DuePeter M. Schweighofer
Buyer's Market (Galaxy Guide 10)Greg Gorden
Crossing the Dark LordGrant S. Boucher
Double VisionGrant S. Boucher
Epilogue: Whatever Became Of...?Kevin J. Anderson
Star Wars Adventure Journal 14: From the Files of Corellia AntillesTimothy S. O'Brien
Guild JusticeRick D. Stuart
Hunting HolidayPeter M. Schweighofer
Irrefutable LogicPaul Sudlow
Rick D. Stuart
Latest Developments: The Emperor's New Clothes versus Deeply ReligiousSimon Smith
Eric S. Trautmann
Night AttackMichael Stern
Only One of Her KindPeter M. Schweighofer
Old Corellian: A Guide for the Curious ScholarPatricia A. Jackson
Recruitment SpeechSimon Smith
Eric S. Trautmann
Second PledgeKathy Tyers
Safehouse BeshPeter M. Schweighofer
Termination With Extreme Prejudice'Rick D. Stuart
The Cracken TwistBill Slavicsek
The Other Side of the Story'Rick D. Stuart
The Shame of Seggor Tels
We Are Made of SufferingPeter M. Schweighofer
We Don't Do Weddings: The Band's TaleKathy Tyers
WhiskersTimothy S. O'Brien
With All These TIEs, Why Did We Win at Yavin?Bill Slavicsek
New Republic eraA Typical SurveyBill Smith
Chewbacca and the Life-DebtEric S. Trautmann
Commando MissionBill Slavicsek
Death of a Rebel BaseGreg Gorden
Dream LabyrinthBill Smith
Feeding TimeBill Smith
Gottu and His Vibro-axBill Slavicsek
Unknown eraA Necessary EvilChuck Truett
Balancing the BooksBill Slavicsek
Curtis Smith
Musings of an IthorianBob Carrau
The Ordeal of Boba FettMichael Allen Horne
The Tale of the Aiwha PodRyan Kaufman
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