The Timira City Cloning Facility was a Galactic Empire facility dedicated to cloning on the planet Kamino. It was destroyed in 1 BBY.


The Timira City Cloning Facility was established in Timira City on the planet Kamino. Barracks D4 and Barracks D5 were part of the facility, and a stormtrooper detachment was stationed at the facility.[2] Commander Cody, the Battalion Commander, ordered all the new recruits to stand trench duty, although he personally considered it a mindless assignment.[3]


Darth Vader had his secret apprentice Galen Marek cloned there.[2] In 1 BBY,[1] one of the clones, designated Starkiller, broke out and charged through the Facility, damaging it and causing many casualties.[2] Another clone of Marek, Subject 1157, was cloned there under the supervision of a cloning technician,[4] while the Lead Cloning Technician supervised the whole project.[2] Clones of Boba Fett were also grown there.[5] The maintenance log recorded several strange instances, such as a reinforced catwalk breaking free, and a work crew fried by an energy substation. Individuals from the Acolyte Program seemed to be involved. At one time, the Engineering Corps received a shipment of lightsaber crystals for construction of lightsabers belonging to the Saber Guard Program.[3]

Later, Starkiller returned and led a Rebel Alliance attack against the Facility to rescue Captain Juno Eclipse. He guided the frigate Salvation to crash onto the facility, disrupting the planetary deflector shield and allowing the Rebels to attack. After the battle, Darth Vader was captured, and the wrecked Imperial Star Destroyers were allowed to fall onto the Facility, damaging it.[2]



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