Tinallis was a planet located within the Tinallis system of the Mid Rim. Though it was an industrialized planet, it was noted for the wildlife in its oceans, seashores, and rainforests. One of its native creatures, the tresher, was a lucrative but illegal trade item.


Tinallis was an industrialized planet notable for its wildlife. Its rainforests were home to the fearsome Tinallian razorcat, while its oceans hosted the prolific blue-ringed sea crab. The high cliffs of the coasts were inhabited by Tinallian cliff spiders and treshers.[3]

Treshers, large predatory avians, were probably the planet's best known species. They played a vital role in the planetary ecosystem, keeping the sea crab population from overrunning the oceans. Unfortunately for the treshers, they were particularly sensitive to pollution: high concentrations of heavy metals or industrial chemicals weakened their eggshells, causing many of their chicks to be stillborn. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, the tresher population was low enough for the Tinallian government to prohibit hunting treshers, taking tresher eggs, or capturing live specimens. This law was frequently violated by hunters seeking tresher meat for gourmet dishes or tresher feathers as a luxury item. Some off-world biologists violated this law for more altruistic reasons, seeking tresher eggs or live specimens in order to breed the great birds in captivity. One biologist on Deminol was willing to pay 10,000 credits for a single tresher egg.[3]


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