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Tinian Hanther was a female Human who served as an agent to the Galactic Republic and the Republic Intelligence during the Clone Wars against the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Employed by Republic Intelligence during the Clone Wars, she operated out of Tarhassan following the First Battle of Geonosis. A former member of the Department of Health, she was part of a specialized team to rescue Edbit Teeks from prison. Along with Mapper Gann, Joram Kithe‎, Livintius Sazet, and Cherek Tuhm, they kidnapped a Separatist agent named Zazana Renkel who knew about Edbit's location. After receiving the intel, Tinian disguised herself as a guard and assisted in transferring a prisoner to the Nehass prison. During that phase of the operation, Kithe proudly welcomed her into intelligence service.

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