The Tinok-F Patrol Cloud Car was created by Bakur RepulsorCorp of Bakura. It was commonly used by the police on many civilized worlds. In later years such worlds like Naboo and Bespin would adopt it for their planetary defense and civilian police squadrons. The model was later replaced by the Tinok-I Patrol Cloud Car during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


The Tinok-F was 7.3 meters long and had two pods, one for a passenger (or gunner) and one for the pilot. It had a flight ceiling of fifty meters, and could reach speeds of about 950 kilometers per hour. The Tinok-F only needed one person to fly it, but a second person was always handy for navigation and aiming. The vehicle was equipped with a pair of fire-linked blaster cannons with a range of 1.5 kilometers.[1]

Originally these patrol cloud cars were unarmed, but with the Imperial occupation of Bakura the civil unrest which followed forced the Bakuran police force to equip them with armor plating and weapons. The craft were also equipped at Governor Wilek Nereus's insistence with full-spectrum audio and video sensors and a communications scanner for surveillance purposes, including scrambled comlink transmissions. Imperial patrol troops on Bakura used identically modified cloud cars as well.[1]



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