Tira Wils was Jir Tramsig's bodyguard and unofficial chief of security.

Tira Wils made her name first as a mercenary, then, after leaving them, as a successful bounty hunter, calling the attention of Jir Tramsig from the Thaereian military forces in 33 BBY. One year later, recently-prometed Colonel Tramsig went to the Cularin system, and he contacted Wils to offer her employment. Among her other duties, she was the only one he trusted to meet with Qar Jalunn. Those meetings were kept secret.

Tira had milky white eyes, pure white hair, and blue-green skin. She maintained a neat appearance, with tight clothing and covered with an assortment of weapons. She might have been considered attractive, but she never smiled.

Tira's only focus was in the moment, with her current job. She was loyal to Tramsig, but had no feelings for him — or for any other person: She was mostly incapable of feelings after a lifetime of killing. She did not hate nor like anybody. She was known to use a heavy blaster and a vibroblade, and she piloted a Z-95 Headhunter.