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"My name is Lieutenant Tirs Maladane. I was a gunner on the Anakin Solo, Jacen Solo's Impstar Deuce. We called her the Black Annie."
―Tirs Maladane in an excerpt from a transcript of Wookiee World Horror Witness![src]

Tirs Maladane was a lieutenant gunner from Little Mochot on the planet Tatooine, serving on the Galactic Alliance Star Destroyer Anakin Solo, under the command of the Jedi Knight Jacen Solo. The lieutenant gunner fought in engagements during the Second Galactic Civil War, between the Confederation and the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, such as Hapes and Kuat.

Maladane later fought in the Battle of Kashyyyk, where Maladane fired a starboard Turbolaser quad into the forests of Kashyyyk at the orders of Solo. Maladane later remembered the experience at that battle for Wookiee World Horror Witness!, a feature from TriNebulon News.


"But I never expected the order I got. Fire into the forests? I had to ask my CO to repeat that. But that's what Solo wanted. And so every battery on the Black Annie that had a firing arc opened up."
―Maladane in an excerpt from a transcript of Wookiee World Horror Witness![src]

Tirs Maladane was from the location Little Mochot, on the rainless Outer Rim planet Tatooine. When Maladane was fifteen, the Tatooine native's aunt sent the teenager to Pii III during summer to earn some money in the Greel wood logging industry. During the first day there, it rained heavily, and Maladane stood out in it laughing and cheering, even though the other workers thought the youth strange. Maladane returned to Little Mochot, where the teenager dreamed of rain every night.[1]

Later in life, Maladane served in the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances' Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Anakin Solo, helmed by the Jedi Knight Jacen Solo. Maladane and some of the crew called her the Black Annie. The Tatooine native served as a lieutenant gunner operating the starboard lateral quad turbolaser cannon and fought in engagements such as Kuat and Hapes as the Second Galactic Civil War raged between the Galactic Alliance and the Confederation.[1] After the Jedi Order abandoned the Galactic Alliance at Kuat in 40 ABY, Jacen Solo, who had now secretly taken the Sith title Darth Caedus, led the Anakin Solo to the forested world of Kashyyyk to confront the Jedi and the native Wookiees.[2]

Maladane and all of the other gunners were ordered to fire into the forests of Kashyyyk after the Jedi and the Wookiees refused to yield to Solo. Maladane asked the commanding officer to repeat the order, but fired anyway because if Maladane refused, the lieutenant gunner would be put in the brig, with someone else firing at the forests. Maladane cried as they continued to open fire on the forests, setting ablaze the ancient Wroshyr trees. As starfighters began to attack the Anakin Solo, Maladane gladly turned the cannon to fire on the fighters as they could actually fight back. In 41 ABY, the year the war ended, a feature from TriNebulon News called Wookiee World Horror Witness! contained Maladane remembering the experience during the battle.[1]

Personality and traits

"You shouldn't be able to kill something that's fifty thousand years old by just squeezing a trigger. But that's what I was doing. And the whole time, the tears were running down my face."
―Maladane in an excerpt from a transcript of Wookiee World Horror Witness![src]

Because Maladane was from rain-deprived Tatooine, the Tatooine native stood out in the downpour on Pii III, laughing and cheering while out in it, and even dreamt about it every night after returning to Tatooine. Maladane was scared of the Galactic Alliance Guard, the task force Solo was the head of, and upon arrival at Kashyyyk, Maladane knew the mission was going to be bad because Solo meant business. The lieutenant gunner also knew about the Wroshyr trees of Kashyyyk, and thought them amazing. When commanded to fire on the forests, Maladane complied to the unexpected order as the gunner reasoned if one objected, one would simply be in the brig with someone else firing at the trees.[1]

If Maladane had another choice, the gunner would have taken it so as to not fire on the forests. The Tatooine native believed that one person should not be able to destroy something as ancient as the Wroshyr trees with the simple touch of a button, and Maladane cried the whole time the lieutenant gunner fired upon the forests. As enemy starfighters attacked the Anakin Solo, Maladane turned the cannon to fire on them because they could actually fire back. Maladane was also willing to share the experiences during that battle with the galaxy via Wookiee World Horror Witness!. [1]

Behind the Scenes

Tirs Maladane first appeared in the 2012's The Essential Guide to Warfare, written by Jason Fry and Paul Urquhart as a guide dedicated to the conflicts in the Star Wars galaxy.[1]


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