Tisocco was a male Reussi who worked for New Republic Intelligence. In 6 ABY he was part of a mission led by Major Bren Derlin to stop the illegal organ donation trade being perpetuated on the Reussi by crime lord Torel Vorne and the Reuss Corporation. Acting in a bodyguard capacity, he drove the team's speedervan and posed as a sound technician to Colonial News Nets reporter and NRI agent Fionna Flannis, stunning one of Vorne's Defel henchmen who tried to silence her line of questioning about Vorne's activities during a widely publicized pre-fight interview with shockboxer Lobar Aybock.

Later, Tisocco was shot in the shoulder by the same Defel, sent by Vorne to assassinate fellow agent and slicer Dansra Beezer in the course of the mission. Tisocco recovered, but the Defel did not survive the encounter.


Notes and referencesEdit

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