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Prince Vork: "Oh, I like her, Ma!"
Queen Slugga: "No, no, not good enough!"
―The Titterbug princess is brought before the Gorphs[src]

This Titterbug princess was royalty among the Titterbugs of the Forest Moon of Endor. In 3 ABY, she was considered as a potential bride for Vork, the prince of a tribe of Gorphs. Despite Vork's interest in the insectoid princess, his mother, Queen Slugga, did not approve. On her orders, the Gorph guards cast the Titterbug princess into "the pit."[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This princess was created by writer Paul Dini for the Nelvana Star Wars: Ewoks animated television series. The episode, "Princess Latara," which first aired on September 20, 1986,[3] is her only appearance.


Notes and referencesEdit

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