"Time to go to work. You won't let me get killed, will you?"
―Drey'lye to Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, shortly before meeting with Jagged Fel[src]

Tiurrg Drey'lye was a male Bothan who served as the Senator of the Bothan sector in the Galactic Alliance Senate following the Second Galactic Civil War.


Fel: "And now, I believe, protocol insists that we open a bottle or a dozen of wine and make some preliminary discussion of security, introduction protocols, and so on."
Drey'lye: "Fortunately about the wine, and regrettably about everything else, you are correct."
Jagged Fel and Tiurrg Drey'lye[src]

In the lead up to the Unification Summit between the Galactic Alliance, Confederation, and Imperial Remnant in 43.5 ABY, Drey'lye was made the head of the Senate Unification Preparations Committee. In this capacity, Drey'lye, escorted by Jedi Knight Jaina Solo, met with Imperial Head of State Jagged Fel in a perliminary meeting aboard the Star Destroyer Gilad Pellaeon before the official opening of the summit.


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