"Dereliction of duty, conduct unbecoming an officer, drunkenness, and insubordination."
―Official reasons for Pocarno's dishonorable discharge.[src]

Tiv Pocarno, known as "Poke", was a pilot of starfighters until his career was cut short for disciplinary infractions. Pocarno then bought a TL-1800 freighter and turned to gunrunning. Several bad decisions left them ruined and one of his debtors, Torel Vorne, requisitioned both his ship and his organs, killing him.


Tiv "Poke" Pocarno had a long, if not distinguished, career as a pilot. He began operating starfighters.

Pocarno became mixed up in an unspecified situation that also involved the betrothed to another officer with a higher authority. Pocarno was trialed and alleviated of unfulfilled military service obligation as a punishment, although the report did not include the real details. Pocarno himself believed that his acts did not really merit this.

Having saved some money, Pocarno bought the Broken 'Spanner, a TL-1800 Transport from Suwantek Systems he intended to use for smuggling — even if the secret compartments were poorly hidden and the ship was badly maintained. For thirty years, Pocarno sold weapons to pirates and revolutionaries, including the Alliance to Restore the Republic, not because of any real ideals he might have, but only to damage the collective that had discharged him.

For all those years, Pocarno took his ship to maladroit outlaw techs. His ship was provided with illegal weapons, shield generators and an improved sub-light speed, but the maintenance was costly both in time and in money.

Desperately needing money, Pocarno asked for funds to Torel Vorne, a crime lord from Reuss VIII. He then attempted a smuggling run off Rampa to cover expenses, but he failed. Vorne then asked Pocarno for his money and, making use of some conditions of their agreement, Vorne also requisitioned some of Pocarno's internal organs, killing him.