"I've been here two years and it's killing me. I kept thinking I'd get sold again, but I'm too old. Ce'na, you have to get me out of here."

Tivva was a female Twi'lek who was the older sister of Ce'na, who later achieved fame under her new name as Vette. In childhood Tivva and Ce'na were sold to different masters and had no knowledge of each other for years. Tivva eventually ended up in the property of Toobu the Hutt, working for him as exotic dancer on Nar Shaddaa for over two years. Meanwhile, Vette worked as a treasure hunter, a hired assassin and was imprisoned sixteen times, the last which ended her in the company of a powerful Sith Lord. After gaining the Sith's trust and friendship, Vette hired investigator Krata to find Tivva and eventually tracked her to Crystal, her overseer. Tivva did not recognize her sister at sight, haven't seen her since childhood. After a heartwarming reunion, the Sith bought Tivva freedom and, full with joy she went her own way, promising Vette to stay in touch. She would later start seeing a Moff stationed on the Outer Rim. Tivva herself then tracked her and Vette's mother to Tatooine, only to arrive too late and find her just in time for the funeral. Vette and her Sith friend both attended and the sister had a bitter argument about whether to kill Whuddle the Hutt, who made their mother overwork. Tivva said bitter words to Vette before departing, but later called her back and apologized, finding an understanding.



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