Tla was a male Yuuzhan Vong Warrior who was promoted to the rank of commander during the Yuuzhan Vong War. He led an invasion fleet following the death of Commander Shedao Shai at Ithor, into whose vacant position Tla was escalated. Tla's time as a commander was brief, however, as he quickly became embroiled in a plot to eliminate the Jedi; the scheme came unraveled before long and the commander was recalled from the front lines.


Tla was tall and broad-shouldered, even for a Yuuzhan Vong. He was promoted to the rank of commander due to the death of Shedao Shai at the Battle of Ithor. Encouraged by his battle tactician, Raff, Tla led a raid on the library world of Obroa-skai.

Like many Warriors, Commander Tla was dismissive of the other castes, and felt the Warriors were greater than even the Priest caste. As such, he resented Priest Harrar's presence at the First Battle of Obroa-skai. However, Tla supported the plan Harrar and Nom Anor formed to assassinate the Jedi using Elan. When the plan failed, Harrar and Tla were recalled to the Outer Rim by Supreme Commander Nas Choka.


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