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"I say, Madam Director, I will accept that drink you offered and raise a toast to victory."
Fliry Vorru to Ysanne Isard[src]
A toast for Soontir Fel

Soontir Fel's father proposing a toast to his son

A toast was a social custom that involved the use of alcohol. It consisted in a call to a gathering of beings to raise their beverages and drink together in honor of an event or person.[1] The toasters would usually clink their glasses[2] and drain them at a draught.[3] Toasts came often and exhuberantly in parties, dinner, and other times of merry-making. The day after the destruction of the first Death Star by the Rebel Alliance forces, a celebration was held following the Royal Award Ceremony, and many toasts were drunk in honor of the victory against the Galactic Empire.[1]

Many species throughout the galaxy respected this tradition, including the Humans,[1] Half-Bothans,[4] Caridans,[5] Sanyassans,[6] and Hutts.[7]

Despite their rigid and ascetic lifestyle, the ancient Jedi were familiar with this social ritual. On the brink of the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, the Half-Bothan Jedi Lord Valenthyne Farfalla opened a barrel of his finest wine. He toasted in the company of his soldiers, commenting on how they would first spill wine before spilling blood on the battlefield.[4]

Members of the Mandalorian warrior culture were also known to make toasts. Mandalore the Vindicated toasted the latest victor of the Great Hunt aboard his ship during the Cold War,[8] and the Mandalorian Protectors made a toast to their Battle Legionnaire droid comrades and their hopes of victory prior to the Battle of New Bornalex.[9] Other Mandalorians, such as Kal Skirata, were known to toast to hopeful future prospects, as well as to the memories of lost loved ones,[10] and it was common practice to toast the coming of age of a Mandalorian youth.[11]

Sometimes, toasting was used ironically, as a way of mocking or even insulting someone. In 11 ABY, the Caridan ambassador Furgan—who was loyal to the defunct Empire—called a toast "in honor" of Mon Mothma, the President of the New Republic, and hurled his drink into her face. The glass was in fact full of a poison that seeped into Mon Mothma's pores and attacked her cells.[5]



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