Tobal Siy was an Imperial commander, who was in charge of the Star Destroyer Thunder. He was often tasked with tracking Rebel smugglers in his sector. This was a great challenge to Siy, as the smugglers seemed to always be a step ahead of Siy. Siy suspected that they might have placed a spy within Imperial ranks. Little did he know that the spy was his own protocol droid, N-3PO, who was in reality a Shard in disguise.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Just another futile day of chasing Rebel smugglers through the sector, Enthree."
―Tobal Siy[src]

Siy was very frustrated with his situation, and would sometimes develop headaches due to his frustrations with the elusive Rebel smugglers. He would soothe these headaches with a drink and pain inhibiting medicine. He trusted his protocol droid, and, when prompted by N-3PO, Siy tell N-3PO about his plans for future efforts against the smugglers.