Tobar was the owner of Honest Tobar's Used Spacecraft at the spaceport of Zallakesh on Chuzalla.


"Honest Tobar's Used Spacecraft. I bet!"

During a brief stopover on Chuzalla, Prince Coby and the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO met Tobar while Coby was looking to purchase a Blackhawk Destroyer. After receiving payment for the craft from R2-D2, Tobar pressed the ignition button on the Blackhawk's control panel, sending Coby and R2 into a reckless careening flight around the spaceport. As Coby's craft was about to be blasted by an Ithorian below, Tobar ran into the alien, preventing him from shooting down the young Prince.

Behind the scenesEdit

Tobar is identical in appearance to the Tyne's Horky droid market auctioneer in the fifth episode of Droids The Lost Prince and is also identical to a slave on the Roon Clipper in the twelfth episode Across the Roon Sea. It has not been established if all three are meant to be the same character, but it is unlikely.


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