The Tobay was an Adz-class patrol destroyer, part of the Grand Imperial Navy, the nominally Imperial force which guarded the fortress world of Prakith in the Deep Core under Warlord Foga Brill.


Although Tobay was a relatively modern ship, she was not as new as the cruiser Gorath, and her systems were not in such good repair—issues which caused considerable annoyance to Captain Gegak. Other important members of the crew included Frega, the navigation master, and Nillik, the sensor master.

In 17 ABY, Tobay, along with the Gorath and the frigate Bloodprice, encountered the Teljkon Vagabond. Whereas the other two ships were destroyed as they attempted to capture the Vagabond, Tobay survived—ironically, this may have been because Nillik was not able to track the alien ship with his erratic equipment.

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