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"I am a techno-service droid, not a butler droid!"
"Can it, Todo! You are what I say you are."
―Todo 360 to Cad Bane[src]

Todo 360 was a techno-service droid owned by bounty hunter Cad Bane and, although often overlooked and undervalued by Bane, always helped him without a second thought. Todo participated in several missions by his side, including the theft of a holocron from the Jedi Temple, and the release of Ziro the Hutt.


Sidious's jobEdit

After Bane agreed to Darth Sidious's job, Todo was then given a security chip that gave him access to Jedi Temple's security systems to disable them. Todo was then able to find a weak point in the shields with assistance from fellow bounty hunter Cato Parasitti. Todo and Bane then made their way towards the Holocron Vault. After losing contact with Cato, Todo was then sent to the communications center. As he entered the communications center, he tried to claim to Windu that he was maintenance droid. However, unbeknownst to him, Bane planted a bomb on him, which destroyed him.[3]

The Hutts' jobEdit

After this job, Todo was then rebuilt and continued to serve Bane. He then assisted Bane in kidnapping Senator Amidala's protocol droid, C-3PO. He and HELIOS-3E then kidnapped R2-D2, after they threatened to harm 3PO. After Bane got the Senate Building's blueprints, Todo and HELIOS-3E then dropped off 3PO and R2 back where they found them.[4]

After Bane freed Ziro[5], Todo assisted Bane, at the behest of Gardulla and the Hutt Council, in tracking down Ziro in the swamps of Nal Hutta following the Jedi Kenobi and Vos aboard a swamp speeder. After questioning, Ziro's mother, Todo and Bane then went to Teth, only to find Ziro's corpse and council records gone. Todo then assisted Bane in escaping the Jedi, attacking Quinlan Vos and stealing his lightsaber]. Todo tried to take on Kenobi but was defeated. He then retrieved Bane's hat and then escaped with him aboard his fighter, the Xanadu Blood.[6]

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