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The Togruta were a sentient species from the planet Shili. They were characterized by their colorful skin tones, large montrals and head tails, white facial pigments, and thirst for war. Although Shili was their homeworld, they also had a colony of some 50,000 individuals on the planet Kiros. Some well known Togruta were the Jedi Master Shaak Ti and well as the Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

Physical characteristicsEdit

Togrutans had humanoid bodies, however their species was mainly defined by their montrals, which gave them enhanced sensitivity, as they were able to sense where someone or something was without the need for The Force. A Togrutan's montrals had limited use until they reached adulthood, when they were fully grown. Togrutan's had bright, colorful skin and their faces often had white or sometimes colorful patterns.


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