Tojjelnoot was a male Wookiee and member of the Tojj clan who, in 40 ABY, was the aged council leader of his species' homeworld of Kashyyyk.


In 40 ABY, with the Second Galactic Civil War reaching a crucial stage of military balance between either faction, the Wookiee fleet, which had been constructed over the planet, was in high demand from both sides. Tojjelnoot advocated lending its considerable might to the Galactic Alliance war machine, and the vote was passed in his favor.

However, Han and Leia Organa Solo arrived on the planet and, in the interests of the Confederation and not allowing the war to escalate further, challenged Tojjelnoot as he was addressing the council. Organa Solo engaged Tojjelnoot in single combat in order to obtain the tyrossum jaw, the Talking Bone, which allowed one to speak to the Wookiees present. To his surprise and chagrin, Tojjelnoot was bested, albeit through Solo's use of the Force. He allowed Organa Solo to address the council, and ordered his fellows to show her respect as she did so. However, Solo's address was interrupted by the Ewok Tarfang, and pandemonium ensued. Order was restored when Luke Skywalker arrived upon the scene, and Tojjelnoot was present as the Jedi Master informed the Wookiees that former Chief of State Cal Omas had been assassinated, and Jacen Solo, the GA joint-leader, had arranged it. The Wookiees therefore decided to shelter the New Jedi Order, who had deserted the Galactic Alliance at Kuat, along with Han and Leia Solo, traitors to their son's government.

In the subsequent Battle of Kashyyyk, as Jacen Solo fired upon Kashyyyk to punish the Wookiees and make an example of the race, Tojjelnoot's actions were unknown. He was present at the diplomatic talks which followed after the Galactic Alliance Fifth Fleet was beaten back by a coalition of Wookiee, Confederation, Hapan and Jedi forces. There, he claimed that though the Confederation had saved his planet and thanked the Bothan admirals present, he voiced his opinion that neither he nor the council agreed with the Confederation's agenda or supported their previous actions. Kashyyyk therefore entered an alliance with the Hapans and Skywalker's order to oppose Jacen Solo, who was then known as Darth Caedus.



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