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The Tol Velmoc mountains were a rugged range of peaks located on the Mid Rim world of Velmor. The mountains were riddled with tunnels and caverns. The insectile race known as the Velmoc was all but extinct by the time of the New Order, but a few stragglers remained hidden away in this mountain chain.


During the height of the New Order, Rebels who resisted the Galactic Empire's rule of Velmor hid within the Tol Velmoc's caves for safety. Zeta Traal, a member of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps, had, at some point, ordered the mountains to sustain an orbital bombardment. The message was interecepted, however, and the mountain region was spared.

Ergric Betos, a bodyguard for the Velmor royalty, was banished to the Tol Vemoc Mountains where he subsequently joined the Velmoc-Dac tribe.


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