"Whether by accident, inclination, or misdirection from others, even the most disciplined Force-user eventually steps onto the path that leads to the dark side."
―Tolaris Shim in 3996 BBY[src]

Tolaris Shim was a Human female Jedi Master. She was an active member of the Jedi Order during the time of the Great Sith War. Somewhat of a radical amongst her peers, Master Shim firmly believed that all Jedi at some point and in some form or another walked along the path of the dark side of the Force. To this end she also believed that any Jedi who turned away from the light was ultimately destined to commit atrocities against the innocent. Furthermore, once said atrocities are committed by the fallen Jedi, she believed there could be no redemption, only atonement. The catalyst for her staunch position was the redeemed Ulic Qel-Droma, whom she believed was only eligible for indemnity.

Regardless of her conservative opinions on the subject, the Jedi Order tasked Master Shim with researching the hows and whys behind a Jedi's fall to the dark side. In 3996 BBY, ten years before Qel-Droma's death, Tolaris completed her research and compiled her findings into the Four Stages of the Dark Side.