Tolas was an elderly Human male living on Onderon in 3951 BBY. Tolas was a successful merchant who was not afraid to utilize shady practices to make money, though all his dealings were legal, as he said. He was the owner of 1B-8D, described by Panar as "the perfect fence for droid parts." When he was met by Meetra Surik during her visit to Iziz, Tolas offered to purchase a starport visa from her in order to get offworld, and Surik may have given him one.

Behind the scenesEdit

Though Tolas claims that his buying price for an open starport visa is the best to be had at two thousand credits, there is actually another, better offer to be had in the Iziz cantina.

Tolas has the same face model as Davik Kang, the Exchange boss on Taris, from Knights of the Old Republic.


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