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The Tolmea Mountains were a range of sawtoothed peaks that were one of the most spectacular regions on Ord Cestus. The tallest peak was snowcapped Mt. Tolmeatek (height: about 32.000 m). In the native X'Tingian tongue, Tolmeatek meant "untravelable"; only within the last 100 years BBY, non-natives began climbing this mountain without breathing apparatus, seeking the sporting challenge. The lesser mountains were of the same inhospitable disposition. The Tolmea mountain rage was famous for its stark inclines and flash storms.

The entire region was considered far too dangerous and pathless for casual travel, but it was used for clandestine activities by Cestian natives during the Bio-Droid crisis. X'Ting Trillot had a secret base with landing platforms hidden in the shadows of Mt. Tolmeatek, where the gang leader met with Asajj Ventress.


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