Tolo Kad was a male politician from Onderon. He was the aide to King Ommin.

When Novar became Kad's assistant, Kad taught the young man many details of political machinations. Over the years Kad passed on more and more of his tasks to Novar, and the young man always completed the projects on time and without any flaw. Kad soon discovered that he might depend on Novar just way too much, and at the same time Kad concealed Novar's true ability, taking the credits of all the finished projects for himself.

Kad's career came to an end when Novar deliberately made a state dinner, which was "personally" planned and arranged by Kad, into a complete mess. Enraged, the already crippled King Ommin destroyed Kad in a wave of dark side energy. Novar was then appointed as Minister of State and the aide to the King.