"Stay, and accept the death you know you deserve!"
―Tolokai, to Mon Mothma[src]

Tolokai was a Gotal aide to Chief of State Mon Mothma during the early years of the New Republic.


Tolokai, however, was not simply an aide; he was also a personal bodyguard to Mon Mothma. Using his cones, he could detect if somebody was preparing to attack Mothma, granting him a high amount of trust from the Chief Councilor. Warlord Zsinj chose Tolokai as a participant in his Project Funeral. Tolokai intended to kill Mothma with a vibroblade. However, Malan Tugrina, another of Chief Mothma's aides, took the blade instead, and managed to throw himself and Tolokai down some stairs. Tolokai's neck was broken in the fall, and the councilor survived the attack.



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