Tolut was a male Armalat who was one of the seven delegates of the Unity Council on Ansion in 22 BBY. It appeared that Tolut was slightly Force-sensitive, however he was never considered for training in the Jedi Order. Tolut was loud-mouthed and impatient, but he knew when he was beaten.

Tolut scoffed at the Jedi, considering them to be dishonorable and considering the power of the Force a simple trick anyone could perform, as seen when he used his own mild Force-ability to levitate a glass of water slightly off the table. He was soon put in his place by Jedi Master Luminara Unduli, who proceeded to lift up an entire pitcher of water using the Force and tip it over on the mouthy Armalat's head, soaking and humiliating him in front of the Council. He soon accepted his defeat.


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