Magna Tolvan was a human female who served as a captain in the Galactic Empire's military during the Galactic Civil War. Following the Battle of Yavin and the Rebel Alliance's subsequent evacuation of their base on Yavin 4, Tolvan was in command of Imperial forces as they investigated the now-deserted base.


Captain Magna Tolvan,[2] at one point, was in the words of Admiral Kendal Ozzel, "considered a candidate for greatness." Under the command of General Cassio Tagge, she was responsible for the security on Eadu,[3] a planet that hosted a research and development facility of the Tarkin Initiative.[4] In 0 BBY,[5] however, a band of Rebels sent to to assassinate the scientist Galen Erso wreaked havoc at the facility,[6] which Tolvan could not prevent. Although General Tagge proved to be a rather forgiving superior toward Tolvan, she was still assigned to a punishment duty on the uninhabited moon Yavin 4. There, the captain was to comb the Great Temple, which had been the Rebels' main base until they were forced to evacuate. On Yavin 4, Tolvan's operations were disrupted by Chelli Aphra, her father, Black Krrsantan and the droids BT-1 and 0-0-0.[3]

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Captain Tolvan

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In Alexander Freed's novelization of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it is mentioned that a female garrison commander stepped forward to offer Krennic a welcome, but the Director waved her off.[7] On Twitter, Freed commented that, while the commander in question could be Tolvan, he was not aware of her existence when he wrote the novel, and cannot make that call himself.[8]


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