"Mister Morrow, Mister Tom Morrow... please check with the Star Tours agent at gate number four."
―Star Tours public address announcer[src]

Mister Tom Morrow was a customer of the Star Tours travel agency. A public address announcer asked him to see a Star Tours agent at gate number four.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character was only mentioned briefly in the waiting area of the Star Tours ride in various Disney theme parks. The character of Tom Morrow appeared in a now-defunct Disney attraction called Flight to the Moon before being renamed when the show became Mission to Mars. Years later, new robotic versions of Tom appeared at the Innoventions attraction at Disneyland and Epcot. The name can also be heard in a similar announcement on the Walt Disney World ride Tomorrowland Transit Authority, and a sign once mentioned him lecturing on the subject, "Mission to Mars: History or Hoax?"

It is unknown if this character has any connection to Rebel Alliance General T. Morrow, a character that appeared briefly in a short story on the Star Wars Galaxies website.


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