The Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace tone poems were a series of television advertisements in which short character-defining poems were spoken by or about major characters from the film. The spots aired in May of 1999, prior to the theatrical release of The Phantom Menace and were included on the film's DVD release.

The tone poemsEdit

One Truth: Darth MaulEdit

"Fear. Fear attracts the fearful, the strong, the weak, the innocent, the corrupt. Fear. Fear is my ally." — Listen 

One Dream: Anakin SkywalkerEdit

"What if dreams came true, and you could be who you wanted to be, and you could do what you wanted to do, and you could help who you wanted to help. What if dreams came true? And the world opened up, and YOU were never ever afraid. What if dreams came true? But dreams do come true. Don't they?"

One Destiny: Qui-Gon JinnEdit

"It will be a hard life. One without reward. Without remorse. Without regret. A path will be placed before you. The choice is yours alone. Do what you think you cannot do. It will be a hard life. But in the end you will find out who you are."

One Love: Shmi SkywalkerEdit

"Don't look back before you go, eyes forward. Choices to make, dreams to realize. Don't look back before you go, know the truth. Learn to let go. Don't look back before you go, before you"

One Will: Queen AmidalaEdit

"There are things I cannot do. I cannot watch while people suffer, I cannot sit when something must be done, I cannot judge those who are different. There are things I cannot do. Run, hide, ignore. There are things I cannot do. But there are certainly things I WILL do."

Only Hope: AmidalaEdit

"In a palace of dreams, a queen stands alone. In her wisdom is the one chance to save her people. She is strong, she is determined. She is their only hope."

One Friend: Jar JarEdit

"Sometimes da one who's clumsy, different, or even a little strange, just might be da friend yousa looking for."

Stand Alone: Obi-WanEdit

"In a time of change, a young man holds in his hands the fire of a dying age. To take the step from student to master, he must trust himself to stand alone."

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