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"I've spent longer than you've been alive polishing my reputation."
―Toob-Nix, to Chelli Aphra[src]

Toob-Nix was a human male who served as the Sava of the University of Bar'leth in the Core Worlds during the Age of the Empire. He gained the prestigious position of Sava from the former Sava, the female Ugnaught Korin Pers, by ruining her reputation because he hated her and her her ideals; she respected the extinct Jedi Order and the Force. While serving as the Sava on Bar'leth, Toob-Nix acquired a group of extremely dangerous Abersyn symbiotes, organisms that were banned ownership of by Imperial decree, so he kept them hidden. Also around this time, Toob-Nix grew to hate one of his students, the aspiring archaeologist in training Chelli Aphra.

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