Tooke were small, cute, hopping rodents native to the Gungan swamps of Naboo.

They had large, sensitive eyes for nocturnal activity as well as sensitive whiskers. Like all rodents, the Tooke had a high reproductive rate. They would have a litter of eight and in two weeks, they would be fully independent and fertile. Tooke fed on swamp nuts and berries.

A common enemy for the Tooke were Tooke-trap plants; the fragrance they let out was identical to Tooke mating pheromones and, therefore irresistible. However, Tookes had fast reflexes and could often escape at the last moment with an instinctive defensive back-flip.

On the Gungan frontier, it was discovered that the rodents' flesh was toxic to rancors. The tooke's delicate tail hairs were plucked by Gungans to create paint brushes.

They occurred on Stoga, providing food there for worrts.



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