Tookra was a male Geonosian who, in 2 ABY, resided in the Kishpaugh spaceport of the Nelvana Gas Cluster. He hired Han Solo to deliver him a shipment of parts, but Solo turned out eight months later than arranged. Intending to make Solo pay, Tookra ordered K1l-R, his personal bodyguard droid, to attack the smuggler, who, however, managed to escape. Tookra ordered K1l-R to follow Solo's starship, the Millennium Falcon, and tracked him to the planet of Cataalda. The droid attacked Solo again and both Solo and Chewbacca failed to stop him with what limited weapons they had, so they stole Tookra's own speeder and tried to escape. Tookra and K1l-R followed them and came across the starship of the bounty hunter Dust. K1l-R destroyed the starship trying to get to Solo, but that angered Dust, and in an act of revenge he destroyed the droid, to the great grief of Tookra.


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