Tor'Oront was a mining colony that was located on the planet Nyriaan.


The population of Tor'Oront were almost all Elomins, and the settlement was named after a city that was located on the Elomin homeworld, Elom. The buildings in Tor'Oront had basic ammenities, but were very similar to slave habitations, such as those in Slave Quarters Row in Mos Espa on the world Tatooine.


Tor'Oront was established during the time of the Galactic Republic, when a con-artist from the Corporate Sector tricked a group of Elomin settlers into a form of indentured sevitude and forced them to mine madilon. Eventually, the Elomin rose up and were able to free themselves from their service to the con-artist. However, they were too poor to leave Nyriaan, so the planetary council agreed to let them stay.