Tor-Ro-Bo Processing Center 879 was an ore-processing facility that was operated by the company Tor-Ro-Bo Industries on the planet 244Core, in the Unknown Regions. The facility was situated on the center of an island in Zone 54g of the planet and it consisted of a series of sprawling industrial buildings. At some point, Tor-Ro-Bo hired a group of spacers to smuggle some semi-processed TOL-type ore off of 244Core, in breach of a profit-sharing agreement that Tor-Ro-Bo had signed with the other corporations that operated on 244Core. The spacers traveled to the center to pick up the ore and on arrival, they were greeted by the droid 5T4. However, the Eeook Corporation and several of the other companies on 244Core learned of Tor-Ro-Bo's planned breach of their agreement and in retaliation, they sent security forces to attack the facility. To cover up the smugglers' activities, Tor-Ro-Bo initiated protocol 514 and mind-wiped of all the droids in the facility, to cause them to forget about their interactions with the smugglers.