"Ahrr. Prepare to be boarded. This is Tor Skylow and her crew of feisty pirates."
―Tor Skylow[src]

Tor Skylow was a tall, physically fit, Human woman with shoulder length red hair. Her left arm was replaced with a cybernetic unit that was designed to increase her resistance to damage in combat.


A former member of the Imperial Navy, Tor persuaded the crew of her customs craft to rebel against the Empire. Those among her crew that disagreed were sealed in escape pods and left in space. The Imperial base in Travnin was alerted of their location for pick-up, although the Imperial propaganda instead claimed they were left to die.

Hiding in the Yelsain system, Skylow and her crew outfitted and modified their ship, renaming her Counter-Puncher. Skylow's crew targeted mostly Imperial shipments, although private ship aiding the Empire were also fair game. Many of the goods stolen were then sold on Yelsain, ensuring good relations with the local authorities, who occasionally hid the crew.

Personality and traitsEdit

Skylow was a born leader, with contagious confidence which inspired her crew, along with her honesty. She enjoyed playing the part of a pirate, dressing in lavish and ornate clothing befitting her role as a rogue and plunderer, although she preferred a simple military uniform when not performing.


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