Toral was an Imperial BFF-1 bulk freighter that bore Wookiee slaves from Kashyyyk to work on the Death Star I. It was guarded by the newly produced Assault Gunboats.

Having recently learned about the Wookiees from prisoners rescued from Stars' End, the Rebel Alliance sent a team to rescue them. Samuel Raider, Keyan Farlander, and Toalagar from Red Squadron flew R-22 Spearheads against the defending Gunboats and destroyed them, though Toalagar was killed during the fight. Raider and Farlander then held off TIE starfighters launched from the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Intrepid, while Y-wings from Blue Squadron disabled the freighter and it was boarded by a Rebel shuttle and the slaves rescued.

Documents recovered on the ship, showed that it was to meet a larger convoy near Orron III, which was to deliver supplies for a secret Imperial project.