Torgas was at one time the head of the Assassins Guild. He attempted to assassinate Princess Leia Organa, but was killed by Giles Durane.


Torgas was the head of the Assassins Guild at the time of Princess Leia Organa's first term as imperial senator. He was hired by General Emir to kill Princess Leia on Challon. The first attempt on her life came from the Holopix News photographer assassin. He was killed by Giles Durane and his partner Gimlet. After the attempt on her life, they began to train her. Emir became upset with the failure, but agreed to pay the Assassins Guild even more, now that Giles had become involved. Torgas then sent three more of his top assassins to kill Leia, but once again they failed.

Emir became even more upset at the guild and Torgas decided he would go himself to kill Leia, though Emir realized that Durane was the only person who had a chance to kill Leia. Due to this, he hired him to kill Torgas and then Leia as well. Torgas attacked Leia in a hallway during an event on Chalon. When Gimlet attempted to warn Leia of the danger, he was killed by Torgas. When Torgas attempted to kill Leia again with his venom touch, he was killed by Giles with a rocket dart, who was then killed himself when he tried to kill Leia.



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