"I wouldn't have expected such heartlessness for one so...pretty."
―Torgo Tahn, on Aurra Sing[src]

Torgo Tahn was a male Anzati who trained Aurra Sing.


Torgo was a teacher of the assassins' arts on his homeworld of Anzat. Among those he trained was Aurra Sing, to whom he grew attracted, but she rejected his advances. He eventually cut his ties to his fellow Anzati after beheading Anzati leader Anis, although Anis would not be the last Anzati Torgo killed in his pursuit of Aurra Sing.

In 36 BBY, Torgo set an elaborate trap and finally captured Sing, planning to collect the bounty on her. Unfortunately for Torgo, his trap turned out to be part of an even more elaborate set-up orchestrated by Sing, who planned to collect the bounty placed on him by the Anzati.

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