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Torian Cadera was a male Human Mandalorian warrior who was the son of Mandalore the Vindicated's rebellious opponent, Jicoln Cadera before then becoming the chieftain of Clan Cadera during the War against Eternal Throne. After the Raid on Darvannis when the Mandalorians allied with the Alliance against the Eternal Throne, Torian personally joined the Outlander to represent the Mandalorian clans.


"I overheard your friend Lana. We're not animals, not predators. We're warriors."
―Torian Cadera, to the Outlander[src]

Torian was born on the Mandalorian stronghold world of Geonosis. All his life, he dedicated himself to overcome the stigma of being the son of a traitor, but the shadow of his father always seemed to weigh on him in the eyes of the other Mandalorians. As a consequence of the constant reminder of his clan's shame among his peers, Torian adhered to the Mandalorian codes of honor and traditions with more devotion than many warriors twice his age. He always strove to prove his loyalty to Mandalore.[2]

During the Cold War, Torian fought and traveled with his people, fighting with Clan Ordo on Eriadu to destroy a weapon's factory, being forced to face snipers and mines on the way. Things become trouble once they discovered resistance fighters hiding among the workers. They were able to evacuate as many civilians as they could before destroying the factory with thermal detonators.

Torian later traveled to the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas to slay a deadly Sithspawn with several other clans. At the same time, the latest Grand Champion of the Great Hunt was dispatched by Mandalore the Vindicated to slay the Sithspawn and succeeded.[2] Torian later found out that his traitorous father was in hiding on the planet Taris. Dedicated to cleansing his clan of his father's dishonor, Torian traveled to Taris while under the command of Vorten Fett, and he went on to search for and kill his father. Coincidentally, Torian ran into the Champion, who was also searching for Jicoln. Together, Torian and the Champion tracked down Jicoln where he had a few words with his father before the Champion either killed or captured him.

Torian decided to follow the Champion through the Blacklist bounties, even when his new friend was put at the top of the Republic's Most Wanted list. With the entire galaxy gunning for them, Gault Rennow suggested working for the Hutts, an idea that Torian was firmly opposed to. Before they could come to blows, Gault arguing that he's been dodging poetic justice since before Torian was born, they received a summons from the Sith Lord Darth Tormen, who offered the Champion revenge against the Jedi Battlemaster Jun Seros and Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus for targeting them.

While the Champion was chasing Zale Barrows on Belsavis, Torian was captured by the secretive assassination guild, the GenoHaradan, due to being lured into a trap by receiving a meeting request by a friend. However, the Champion tracked them down, defeated all of the attackers, and freed Torian.

During the Eternal Empire's Conquest, the Champion went missing. The crew had attempted to find their boss, but goals ended up shifting and they ended up becoming broke. Soon, everyone but Torian and the slicer Mako had left, leaving the two to resume hunting by themselves. Sometime afterward, Mandalore summoned all of the Mandalorian clans, and Torian answered the call, though he had to leave Mako on Carratos, knowing she could care for herself.

Torian Cadera would rise up to become one of Mandalore the Avenger's top advisors alongside Khomo Fett, soon becoming the new chieftain of Clan Cadera, even though he was among last of his clan. He would later serve in the Raid on Darvannis to help the Mandalorian assault on the Zakuul droid factory with the individual known as the Outlander. After the battle was won, Torian joined the Outlander's Alliance against the Eternal Throne to represent the Mandalorian clans.

He would later be involved in the Battle of Odessen when Arcann was told of its location by SCORPIO.

Torian Cadera leads Mandalorian Warriors into battle.

Torian Cadera would help the Alliance in several battles against the Eternal Empire, leading Mandalorian warriors with the Outlander.

Torian Cadera was later involved in the Invasion of Voss after Empress Vaylin had discovered her brother and mother were hiding on the world and had her forces attack the planet in an attempt burn them out. Torian, alongside Lana Beniko and the Outlander, helped to lead Mandalorian warriors on the ground, helping turn the tide of the battle alongside Voss commandos and Gormak allies.

Personality and traitsEdit

"Our people need battle to find out what we are."
―Torian Cadera[src]

Having spend most of his life trying redeem his clan's honor from his father's betrayal of Mandalore the Vindicated, Torian upheld the Mandalorian code and traditions more than most other younger Mandalorians. He embodied each of the Mandalorian ideals in hopes of striving the respect and honor of his fellow Mandalorians. Even when insulted by his fellow Mandalorians like Jogo, he didn't react and remained calm about it.

Torian expressed a strong dislike towards slavery, calling it like hunting mice. He had shown also to be against the idea of working for the Hutt clans, seeing it as going against his honor. When on the pirate hideout world of Rishi, he was interested in the native people, the Rishii, saying they would make good Mandalorians for their natural hunting skills.

When the Eternal Empire invaded the galaxy and the Grand Champion disappeared from the galaxy, Torian finally had his chance to prove his loyalty and duty to his people as he volunteered for the most dangerous of missions against the invaders, becoming very successful in these missions enough to earn the respect of Mandalore the Avenger. Like most Mandalorians, Torian Cadera was not afraid put his life on the line if it meant protecting his friends or completing a mission, having very little fear of death.


Torian Cadera KOTFE

Torian Cadera's new armor during the war against the Eternal Empire.

Torian wore classic yellow and brown Mandalorian armor and a jetpack. His armor had a wrist mounted blade and a flamethrower, while his primary weapon was either a techblade or a small techstaff. He was also often seen armed with a Blaster pistol and/or a Sniper rifle.

During the war against the Eternal Throne, Torian switched his armor to a unique set of dark blue Mandalorian armor and the sniper rifle became his primary weapon.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Torian Cadera is a companion character for the bounty hunter character class in Star Wars: The Old Republic. He is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch.

Torian becomes a companion for all class characters following the completion of Chapter XIV: Mandalore's Revenge in the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion.


Torian can be romanced by a female bounty hunter, and eventually married. This romance can be continued in Chapter XIV: Mandalore's Revenge, or players can choose to break up with him. If Torian is not romanced in the base game, he may begin a romantic relationship with another of the Hunter's companions, Mako.

Gameplay AlternativesEdit

In Chapter XIV: Mandalore's Revenge, bounty hunters that romanced Torian will be given an opportunity to continue that relationship or end it.

In Chapter XVI: The Battle of Odessen, players will decide the roles of their companions, Torian, Gault, and Vette. Torian can be chosen to stay behind on Odessen, sabotage the weapons on the Eternal Flagship, or sabotage the shields on the Eternal Flagship. Bounty hunters that romanced Torian will also have a brief scene to talk with him before leaving on the Gravestone.

In Chapter V: Ascension, Torian can be chosen to accompany the player when confronting ARIES near the end of the chapter.

In Chapter VIII: End Times, Torian and Vette will be overwhelmed by Eternal Empire forces, and players will have to choose who to save. If players save Torian, he survives the battle and appears at the debriefing on Odessen. If players save Vette, Torian will be captured by Empress Vaylin, before she kills him by snapping his neck in front of the players.

In Chapter IX: The Eternal Throne, if Torian was saved in the previous chapter, he will appear on the Gravestone and on Odessen. If the player is a romanced bounty hunter, they will get a brief scene with Torian before departing for Zakuul.



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