Torina was a terraformed planet located in the Torina system of the Elrood sector.


Torina had a thriving electronics industry. Most consumer electronics could be found on Torina for 20 percent less than normal rates. However, they were local knockoffs, and were thus not as reliable as brand name products. To protect their local industry, Torina levied a 50 percent tariff on imported electronics. The primary corporation that manufactured these inferior products was Quality Electronics of Torina. They had offices and major retail outlets on Coyn, Lanthrym, and Elrood proper, and their products were available through independent merchants throughout the sector.


Torina was a minor and unimportant planet until the Galactic Empire occupied Derilyn, when it became more important to sector trade. Torina was quickly developed: a major land spaceport and two orbital spaceports were built in addition to hotels, bars, casinos, and warehouses that sprung up to handle the economic boom. The Torines invested their profits in additional industry but also spent much on beautifying their world and maintaining the overall biosphere.

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