"...What is he doing?"
―Torn to his bridge crew regarding Darth Vader[src]

Captain Torn was a Human male who served aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator. In 0 BBY, he plotted to kill Darth Vader. Vader survived an airlock flushing and TIE attack with the help of bounty hunter Boba Fett. Vader destroyed the bridge windows, forcing Torn to don a breath mask. Vader forced him to open a channel to Fett at the command chair, and then telekinetically snapped his neck, saying he could have the post.[1]

Vader reflected that his willingness to sacrifice a squad of stormtroopers was indicative of a fearful man.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Captain Torn appears in the short comic Star Wars: The Assassination of Darth Vader, released by Dark Horse Comics as part of Free Comic Book Day 2013.[1]

Despite appearing in a recent work, Torn's rank insignia does not correspond[1] to the system established in The Essential Guide to Warfare.[2] While his rank plaque does bear six squares, four of them are red and only two are blue.[1] The rank guide appearing in The Essential Guide to Warfare showed that an officer with the position of Captain displayed their rank with three red squares placed on top of three blue squares.[2] Other officers appearing in The Assassination of Darth Vader also bore non-standard rank insignia.[1]


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