"When Into the Void came up, I knew Torstein Nordstrand would be perfect. The project would allow him free reign to design the character of Lanoree Brock and show some great action within the piece, two of his strong suits. When Torstein sent over the first set of sketches, I knew he got what I was looking for in a cover. He understood that the protagonist is supposed to be a strong female warrior and an expression of this unexplored time within the Star Wars Expanded Universe."
―Random House art director Scott Biel[src]

Torstein Nordstrand is a Norwegian freelance illustrator and concept artist who created the cover art for the Star Wars novels Darth Plagueis and Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void. He lives in Bergen, Norway. His clients include St Martin’s Press, Random House, Wizards of the Coast, Upper Deck and White Wolf Publishing. His primary subjects range through fantasy, horror and science fiction themes, often with different treatments within the genres.

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