"When you need a ship, or you want to get rid of a ship, and you don't want to leave a ... trail ... you come here."
Han Solo[src]

Toryl, also known as Truthful Toryl, was a male Duros starship merchant. He owned and operated Truthful Toryl's Used Spaceship Lot on the planet Tralus, in the Corellian system. "Used" was actually a euphemism for "stolen", and Toryl was well known among criminal elements as the sentient to see in order to buy or sell a ship without being noticed by the authorities.

In 10 BBY, Han Solo sold the yacht Talisman to Toryl. However, the yacht was being searched for by the Hutts, and Toryl had no choice but to scrap it to avoid unwanted attention.

Han would eventually return to Toryl looking for work with Chewbacca five years later. Toryl provided him with a smuggling job to Duro smuggling components used to place weapons on starships.

Behind the scenesEdit

Truthful Toryl was misspelled "Toryn" in University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Duros.



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