Totth'k Lotos

The Totth'k Lotos.

The Totth'k Lotos was the source of the mythical "Fountain of Youth" and was actually an ancient Gree device. The relic worked by manipulating the body's structural integrity and restoring it though it did not prolong life. The Totth'k Lotos was a green gelatinous pool enclosed within a vault chamber and monitored by the few functional guildhouses that remained on Malanose. This pool was controlled and regulated by an altar-like control module that allowed Gree technicians to restore individuals. The workings of this relic only allows one species at a time to be restored and was programmed to assist the Gree primarily, although the device can be used by other species. Elderly Gree were restored after an hour of immersion, though this only delayed death and did not stop it.


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